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series in progress |studio Mykonos, GR | 2012

series in progress |studio Paris, FR | 2011

Centripetal Force and the Evening | 2012 | oil on canvas | 79 x 79 inches

Gildar Gallery presents Alkahest an exhibition of all new paintings by Jonathan Saiz. His latest series of richly executed oil paintings explores man's desire for transcendence through the material world. The title of the series refers to a universal solvent once sought by Alchemists, which if found promised wealth to its discovered, while jeopardizing the existence of the physical world. In keeping with this paradoxical legend, Saiz conjures beautifully translucent geometric forms as unstable containers for an extravagant array of, "curiously shifting histories". These fragmented visions appear always on the brink of breaking beyond the bounds of their crystalline chambers, at once becoming attainable and at risk of dissolving in an instant.

In this crystalline form everything is made of the multitude - the splendors of Versailles, the rearing stallion and other distractions or ambitions. A curious history restlessly shifting, its charged particles and reflections dissolving into a universal something. Its mystical alignment ordered by instinct or impulse  where themes emerge  through  incoherent  leaps and the vague impressions of something more about to appear or having just faded. | 2012

SNORKELING    +   VERSAILLES | studies 1- 4 oil on canvas    



-ALKAHEST (ˈælkəˌhɛst)  -n  the hypothetical universal solvent sought by the alchemist

-Also known as the Philosopher's Stone

-Complex crystal and mineral compositions mirroring the formation of a complex sensory experience. Multiple perspectives and layers of culture dissolving and overlapping into a singular experience.

 Paris France  /  Mykonos Greece