Something doesn't feel right -

a million tiny clues...

OMG youtube tells me that the world is ending
and I love believing it. 


I feel small, powerless, and out-of-the-loop.
DEFINITELY in over my head -

Death doesn't feel so abstract or distant anymore now that I've crawled on my knees into the depths of a doomsday bunker.

Yes, literally on my knees into a bunker.

FIGHT TO LIVE??? - I decline.

I'm 33 now - SO WAS JESUS!!!
#feelingthedays / #fillingthedays

Don't believe little ol' me, BELIEVE GOOGLE:

- Planet X Nibiru
- Our Beloved Ancient Anunnaki Fathers who art in the heavens
- .GOV is hiding the incoming planets with chemtrails
- "I'm a DNA designed gold slave"

meanwhile... <<insert meaningful content here>>







"...the exhibit’s masterpiece, It’s Only Working ’til It Isn’t,  a massive wall sculpture, made of 6,000 of the boxes glued together, that chronicles a planet or a civilization as it is born, matures, destroyed by its own ignorant means and then, finally, reborn. Within it, is a thousand individual asides about the mechanisms of modern existence and ultimate chaos."

Ray Rinaldi - Review: Jonathan Saiz stares down doom at Leon Gallery - One Good Eye

"Denial" | 9 x 9 x 2.5 | oil on wood in acrylic in acrylic | 2016


"We remember when the sky was blue" | 41.25 x 33.25 x 10 | oil on wood in acrylic | 2016

"The cumulative effect of the painted symbols is something akin to a language or code. Do I see something? What does it mean? There must be someone with an answer. Understanding the unknown is the foundation of artist Jonathan Saiz’s new exhibition, The Deep End, at Leon Gallery." "Decoding Painted Constellations of Tiny, Mysterious Symbols"

"Denver 2017" | 14.25 x 14.25 x 4.25 | oil on wood in acrylic on acrylic | 2016

"DIG, human, DIG" | 17 x 17 x 7 | oil on wood in acrylic on mirror in acrylic | Sugar Crystalized by Lewis Neeff 2016

INTUITION | 30 x 30 x 4 | oil on wood in acrylic | 2016 


"IT'S ONLY WORKING "TIL IT ISN'T" | 84 x 42 x 11 inches | 6,000 oil on wood paintings in acrylic & string | 2016

"Human Scale" | ink on paper in lucite | 105 books, 23 x 73 x 6 inches | 2016

"Definitive Proof"                         "Disaster Rations"                                  "#ugh"                                   "...feeling sad"



"Elsewhere in the show, paintings inside small acrylic boxes are assembled like a puzzle to make up one larger composition, “We remember when the sky was blue” (2016). A foggy white paint unites the surface and partially obscures the contents of the specimen boxes. The work takes on the overall quality of seeing the quilt-like patterns of farmland from above. In the center of the image is a small airplane rising through the white haze with a contrail chasing it. (Contrails are the line-shaped clouds coming from planes, a product of water vapor and exhaust.) Saiz offered some alternative ideas about the increasing cloud grids in our skies. “Have you heard of chemtrails,” he asked, “or the organic farmers in Hawaii who found aluminum in their soil? Did you see Monsanto just developed an aluminum resistant seed? They are spraying us.”

In Saiz’s show, every observation supports the next, like playing the game Clue in purgatory. The who, where, and weapon are ever elusive, leaving the player shuffling from the conservatory to the lounge on a loop; always suspicious and busy, but never solving the crime. Hawaiian farmers always had aluminum in their soil, according to the University of Hawaii, most farmland does. When the balance of acidity to aluminum changes, usually for naturally occurring reasons, the aluminum begins to interact with the crops. Plants protect themselves by not fully developing roots, therefore stunting crop yield, but not poisoning your meal. In the context of a conspiracy, that explanation can be discarded because everyone is in on it, right? The truth is cloudy to everyone but the theorist.."

Kealey Boyd - "Decoding Painted Constellations of Tiny, Mysterious Symbols"

THE DATABASE | 19 x 10 feet | 901 oil on wood paintings in acrylic | 2016 

"Wake up, do some shit, sleep" - A Memoir 2016 | 738 pages | $17.95